Solas Festival takes place in The Bield at Blackruthven, Perthshire from 19-21st June 2015.

The festival aims to create a generous, hospitable space in Scotland where the arts can be performed and enjoyed by all. To see for yourself how much fun this can be, check out our YouTube channel.

The programme also makes space for challenging debate with activists, writers and thinkers from across the political, cultural and religious spectrum. Solas Festival offers a creative and entertaining programme for festival-goers of all ages in a safe environment.

Below The Solas Surface

Solas Festival is about placing the arts in a wider context, and we strive to exhibit a commitment to equality, justice, beauty and hospitality throughout the festival. Our aim is to create a space which is tolerant, inclusive and free of prejudice. Solas Festival is committed to justice in our global outlook and in the running of the festival. Campaigning organisations work closely with us and help ensure that issues of social justice and responsibility feature in our programming

How We Work

Solas Festival is keen to keep an open mind and, as such, we are not sole operators but prefer to work with partners. We also encourage artists not only to showcase their own work, but to help bring out the artist in everyone.

Managed by a board of volunteer directors, the day-to-day running is also carried out by volunteers, with the exception of two part-time paid workers.