Our theme for 2017 is “Home”. Throughout the year and at the festival, we’ll be inviting artists and audiences to engage with community, hospitality, ecology, and identity. 

What does ‘home’ mean to you?

Familiar people? Familiar places? A history and culture that you’re part of, or somewhere that you’re learning to fit in? A nurturing place, or a long-ago place?

The festival has always been about community and radical hospitality and through arts and politics we hope to explore how we and others make our home. We’ll showcase music, art, drama, and literature from around the country and the world, and celebrate the cultural diversity that shapes contemporary Scotland. 

Our talks and debates programme will reflect on ideas of belonging and competing nationalisms through panels on identity, citizenship, land, and the impacts of Brexit on the national consciousness. Accessibility and inclusivity will be a particular focus, and of course we will be continuing to think about and engage with people that have to leave their homes in order to make new ones in Scotland and abroad.