Who’s Solas Festival for?

Everyone. Our programme is broad and inclusive, there really is something there for all tastes and we’re determined to create a space where everyone will feel comfortable. Regardless of age, ethnicity, sexuality, political stance, religious belief (or lack thereof), musical taste, dress sense or any of the other things which make human beings gloriously diverse, you are welcome.

What’s the agenda?

“Solas Festival aims to create a generous, hospitable space in Scotland where the arts can be performed and enjoyed by all. Our programme also makes space for challenging debate with activists, writers and thinkers from across the political, cultural and religious spectrum.”

The Board and large volunteer team who work hard to bring you Solas Festival are as varied and assorted a bunch as the artists we want to work with and the audience we’re trying to attract; we are women and men, young and old, ideas people and task-driven people, we are believers and non-believers, we are politically active and politically agnostic. It is not our intention to try to persuade you to adopt any particular position, but we do want to provide a welcoming and thoughtful environment where people can choose their own level of engagement with the programme on offer. We also want you to have an absolute blast.