Africa in Motion film showcase: animated Africa


This package of short films will bring you a selection of African animations from Egypt, Burkina Faso, Zimbabwe, Ghana, Martinique, Nigeria and South Africa. Animation has the extraordinary power to bring to life oral storytelling.

The films cover a spectrum of stories, including hilarious propaganda, heroines of the past, mythical creatures, political and emotional issues such as LGBT identity, colourism, domestic abuse, and an annoying mosquito that just won’t buzz off. Each film showcases different styles and techniques such as stop-motion, 3D and hand-drawn animation.

 National Defence 

Frenkel Brothers | Egypt 1940 | 10m | Arabic with English subtitles | 15

The Frenkel brothers were inspired to become animators after watching Felix the Cat cartoons. That influence shows in their character Mish-Mish, Egypt’s first animated hero. This is a funny propaganda film which calls on the Egyptian people to donate for the national cause in the war against the Nazis.

La Princesse Yennega (Princess Yennega)

Claude Le Gallou and Blaise Patrix| Burkina Faso 1986 | 12m | French with English subtitles | 15

Yennenga was a legendary princess and a famous warrior, considered to be the mother of the Mossi people of Burkina Faso who lived between the eleventh and fifteenth centuries. The cut-out paper animation is an adaptation of a tale by Bila Kaboré. 

La Femme Mariée À Trois Hommes (The Woman Married To Three Men)

Danièle Roy, Cilia Sawadogo | Burkina Faso 1993 | 6m | French with English subtitles | 15

This is a fable about a woman's right to choose her husband: it tells the story of a princess who has several suitors. She puts them to the test, and finally chooses the one who has demonstrated the finest moral qualities.  

Black Barbie

Comfort Arthur | Ghana 2016 | 4m | 15

Black Barbie is an animated poem that discusses skin bleaching and colorism.

Got Flowers Today

Jibril Mailafia | Nigeria 2016 | 4m | 15

A woman receives flowers from her abusive husband as a way of apologising for his behaviour. 

Because I Am

Lawrie Zidyana | Zimbabwe/UK 2017 | 6m | 15

President Robert Mugabe’s anti-gay rhetoric has made it very difficult to live as a lesbian in Zimbabwe. This animated poem, written by a Zimbabwean LGBT activist, offers a brave response.

Uilhuisie (Owl House)

Jennifer Backeberg | South Africa 2016 | 7m | Afrikaans with English subtitles | 15

When an old distressed woman anxious of the outside world believes she is haunted by owls, she must face her fear of leaving her home and sacrifice herself to the owls that torment her.

Husse Met Lang Ore

Alme Swart | South Africa 2016 | 10m | Afrikaans with English subtitles | 15

The animals of Woudedorp live a safe and happy life in a village in the forest. Melanie, a hus with long ears, grew up with her family of owls, but because of the stereotype that husse are evil she has to hide her true identity. When criminal acts are increasing in Woudedorp, Melanie has to prove her innocence by invoking the help of the other husse.

Mosquito: The Bite Of Passage

Brian Vincent Rhodes | US 2016 | 7m | U

A mosquito on her first hunting trip with her mother tries to confess that she doesn’t like blood in this hilarious animated short.