Aimee Corinne Ottroh


Aimee was an asylum seeker from Ivory Coast. She arrived in the UK in 2011. After dispersal to Glasgow, she spent three years trying to get refugee status. She has now several academic achievements, and she is a UNESCO RILA ambassador.

Self-creative writing and storytelling

Explore and celebrate integration in this creative writing and storytelling workshop, based around Kolb’s experiential learning theory. 

In this guided workshop, participants will have the chance to reflect on their own integration journey, whether that be integration into a different country, a new neighbourhood, or a new job. Together we will create our own stories, based on our experiences, to better understand our journey and to learn from it.

Participants are offered the space to share their writings, if they feel comfortable doing so.

Women and girls: religion and rights

With Karen Wenell

Explore the needs of women and girls in refugee situations and how these relate to religion. Issues include access to clean water and lockable toilets, hygiene, health and psychosocial support.

This workshop will explore how faith and beliefs relate to these priority areas. The session is part of a Arts and Humanities funded network project entitled Women, Faith and Humanitarian Interventions, using stories drawn from the work of project partner NGO Global One.