Artesfera Collective


With Dominic Corbett

ARTESFERA is an open collective, based in Edinburgh. We aim to bring creative people together to organise events, and form a grassroots community for up-and-coming talent. This addresses a need in the Edinburgh area to support and connect undiscovered creatives with a wider arts scene. We also want to give back to the community by empowering individuals to follow their passion and cultivate their craft.

T-shirt stencilling

A great activity to design and make your own piece of wearable graffiti. We will provide plain white T-shirts, paints and stencil materials - you are welcome to bring your own piece of light-coloured clothing to use as well.

Recycled art installation

We'll create a hanging mobile to decorate an outdoor area of the festival. Please being along items like drinks cans, cardboard or plastic bottles.

Recycled Devil stick-making

Using old inner tubes, dowelling and electrical tape, we'll make circus Devil sticks and spend the rest of the festival learning how to use them. What's a Devil stick? Come along and find out.