tenx9 at Solas

Thanks to everyone who took part in tenx9 at Solas this year, either as a storyteller, audience member, or as someone who gave a storyteller a nudge in the ribs and told them to submit their tale. 

We've had a wee note of thanks from Paul Doran, one of the hosts:

"I just wanted to say thank you for a wonderful Solas weekend.

"The tenx9 went really well and the podcast is out with a short promo vid on social media – Facebook and Instagram - with plenty of references to #Solasfestival.

"Also thanks so much for letting me take part in the political panel. I really really enjoyed it and the panellists were so good.

"All in all I had a great time."

- Paul

Listen to the tenx9 podcast and take a look at the video on the tenx9 Facebook page.


Emma Bennett