2017 Festival Dates:
Friday 23 – Sunday 25 June

Location : The Bield at Blackruthven, Tibbermore, Perth PH1 1PY.

Plan your festival weekend: download our 2017 programme here, and our Daily Diary here.

What to bring

Don’t forget the essentials like your ticket, a torch, a tent if you’re planning on camping, and midgie repellent.

You should bring your mobile as it’s handy for finding your friends and family onsite, but you should register it (and any other item with a serial number) on the Immobilise Database – it’s quick and free and it’ll make it easier to reunite you with it in the unlikely event that it’s stolen or the more-likely event that you leave it in the grass somewhere.

There’s no ATM onsite, so you’ll need a bit of cash to buy things from the wonderful traders in our marketplace, pick up a Solas T-shirt, and get your tasty food from our catering partners.

A low folding chair – we want to see you rocking out when the bands are on mainstage, but many of our sessions are altogether more laid-back and, for some of us, literally laying back in the grass isn’t quite as easy as it used to be.

What not to bring

We have a strict NO-GLASS policy… PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE do not bring GLASS bottles on site –
…they don’t mix well with vehicle tyres or livestock. The Bield is a working farm, and the campsite and main festival areas play host to cattle and horses once the bunting’s been packed away. Metal can be retrieved using a metal detector but broken glass is a lot harder to pick up, so please swap your glass containers for (recyclable) plastic ones.

Valuables – our site is friendly and safe, but we can’t take any responsibility for items which are lost or stolen; leave your Monet originals and diamond tiaras at home.

Pets – our festival is noisy, busy and bustling with fleshy, tasty-looking toddlers who are overly curious and lacking in respect for personal boundaries; it’s not a good environment for dogs, cats, snakes or iguanas. If you must lavish attention on something beastly during the festival, why not adopt a Solas Festival volunteer for the weekend? We all like being fed biscuits regularly and the occasional tummy rub.

Illegal Drugs – this one probably goes without saying, but we have a zero-tolerance policy on drug-taking at our festival. If you are offered illegal drugs onsite, please inform a Solas Festival volunteer immediately.

A wee note about bees onsite…

The Bield is home to a colony of working bees, who busily help to pollinate flowers onsite, and their hives are located between the camping area and the main stage. The bees are very friendly and will leave you alone, but if you have a serious bee sting allergy you’re advised to be aware.

Where to get Information Onsite

Check the notice boards regularly for any last-minute programme changes or important announcements. Our friendly, helpful team at the Information Point are available to answer any questions.

Festival Reception Opening Times

To be confirmed