Solas Festival runs a programme for people of all ages, wherever possible allowing families to get stuck in to the music, talks and activities together. But of course, there are things just for the wee ones too.

Bringing your baby

A parent and baby room is provided inside the main house with space and privacy for nursing mothers and facilities for baby changing.

Keeping your children safe

We will make every effort to protect your children onsite, but parents are responsible for their own children at all times. Please read our guide to Staying Safe at the festival, particularly the section on areas of The Site which may pose an increased risk to the safety of your children. If your child is lost, you should alert a Solas Festival volunteer immediately. If your child is old enough to remember a meeting point, we recommend choosing the Hearth venue which will host many of the sessions designed for children and will be a friendly and safe environment for them. Or bring them into Festival Reception at the start of the weekend and we’ll provide a plain weather-proof wristband for you to write your mobile number on and attach to your child’s wrist, allowing us to contact you quickly if your child becomes separated from you.