Gameli Tordzro

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Storytelling workshop

We tell stories to put meaning into the past, the present and the future.

Gameli Tordzro tells traditional Ghanaian and contemporary folktales using musical instruments from various parts of Ghana.

This interactive storytelling session will be filled with singing and discussion on topics that touch on our experiences as human beings, sharing the world with others. Gameli's stories challenge you to see yourself and the rest of the world differently by pointing out things that are close to you from a different perspective.

The session is for both children and adults. You will hear stories like “Why the bat sleeps upside-down”, “The Friendship of Elo and Dzorki” and others.

Music workshop

Gameli will also run a music workshop giving people the opportunity to try their hands on various African musical instrument and create together through improvisation.


Graffiti workshop

With Glasgow arts collective Spray Peace

In this interactive graffiti storytelling session, Spray Peace and Gameli will explore themes of migration and hospitality.

Listen to the first half of the story, while watching the pictures appear, then join in the second half to add your own voice to the mix, and create your own ending to the story with words and spray paints. No previous experience required. Masks and paint available.