Song, By Toad - Label Birthday Party

Born of the Song by Toad music blog, which started back in 2004, Song, By Toad Records came into existence in 2008 to express founder Matthew Young's frustration about the world being constantly WRONG about music. Fuelled by a healthy supply of gin and swearing and an unhealthy supply of jaded, bitter sarcasm the label has supported an odd mix of stubborn, idiosyncratic artists ever since. At this year's festival we host their 10th birthday party with 3 great artists:


Jonnie Common

With two successful albums in his back pocket, Jonnie Common is known for making some of the strangest noises ever to translate into such catchy, digestible pop songs. Electronic but also harnessing elements of traditional instruments, this is an artist who doesn’t quite fitinto any box perfectly and that’s just how he likes it. 



Siobhan Wilson

"She can silence a crowd with little more than a whisper.” - Daily Record. With her sparse and tender settings for thoughtful lyrics and meandering melodies, Scottish-singer songwriter Siobhan Wilson has been a long time favourite at Solas Festival. She joins us on the mainstage for the birthday party.

Adam Stafford

Experimental art-rocker Adam Stafford deals with subjects ranging from fatherhood and toxic masculinity to depression, walls of sound vie with minimalist arrangements to create strange and atmospheric experiences. His latest double album 'Fire Behind the Curtain' is out with the label Song by Toad and has been described as a mechanical neo-classical wonder.