Lesley Orr


Lesley is from Edinburgh and is a member of the Iona Community. She has been involved in peacemaking and solidarity campaigns at home and abroad. She has taught religious history, practical theology and gender studies at Glasgow, Edinburgh and Queen Margaret Universities and has worked for the Scottish Government’s Strategy to Address Violence Against Women. She has had a longstanding passion for challenging gender based abuse and violence in faith communities and wider society.

In praise of dangerous women: celebrating a century of women's activism in Scotland

A dangerous world needs dangerous women - to break the mould, shatter the deadly silence of conformity, confront injustice and claim alternative possibilities for themselves and their communities.

Scotland has produced more than its fair share of dangerous women: they have been making a noise for centuries, protesting against the Clearances or slavery; campaigning for higher education and equal pay; decent homes and space for living; the right to vote and the right to live free from violence and abuse. Lesley Orr will share some of the stories, challenges - and a song – from the frontline of women’s struggles past and present.