Pádraig Ó Tuama

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Solas regular, the amazing Pádraig Ó Tuama is back!

Poet, theologian and facilitator, Pádraig has worked with people in Ireland, Britain, the US and Australia. With interests in storytelling, groupwork, theology and conflict, Pádraig lectures, leads retreats and writes both poetry and prose.  

Stranger Things: 11 things about the Upside Down

Did you watch Stranger Things? Did you bop along to the 80s music? What was it about the Upside Down? What was it about that murky place where the dead still live and where the living almost die? Is it Hell? Is it the unconscious? Is it repressed desire? Pádraig asks 11 questions and gives 11 answers. 

Tenx9 - "Lost"

Join Paul Doran and Pádraig for Tenx9 at Solas: six true stories from people on the theme of Lost. Have you ever been lost? Have you lost something? Or someone? Do you have a true story to tell about it? Get in touch with the lads on @tenx9 or over the weekend of Solas. Remember: no preaching or pontificating. True stories from your own life only! 

Stories of Exile

Pádraig reads from his first collection of poems, Readings from the Book of Exile. Beautiful, heartbreaking words leavened with Pádraig's often self-deprecating, mordantly funny stories.

Ruth and Brexit

Join Pádraig for a quick hop, skip and jump through the Biblical book of Ruth - the story of a migrant woman in a new country - and then use it as a template for discussing national stereotyping, British-Irish relations, national resentments, displacement, borderlines and belonging.