Place for Hope

Place for Hope accompanies and equips people and faith communities so that all might reach their potential to be peacemakers who navigate conflict well. We work with groups and individuals where faith is a key dimension of the community or where this is a contributing factor in a conflict. This includes a wide variety of church denominations, faith groups and organisations.

Our vision is for a world where people embrace the transformational potential of conflict and nurture the art of peace-building.


Finding peace in the heart of war

When all around is mayhem, where do you find calm? What is your balm? Or soothing practice? Join us in an open conversation where Canon Sarah Hills (Coventry Cathedral), Nancy Adams (Place for Hope) and others will explore stories, practices, and inspiration from around the world to soothe our beating hearts in times of pain, conflict or war.

Hosted by Place for Hope, part of the Just Peace Partnership.

Conversational drift

An inter-faith conversation exploring the borders of peace and our hopes for a better world order through dialogue and understanding across faiths.

Join us for an open conversation hosted by Place for Hope/Just Peace Partnership with Frances Hume (Interfaith Scotland), Roy Henderson (Interfaith Glasgow/Place for Hope), Mansoor Mahmood (Imam, Kirkcaldy Mosque) and others.