It takes hundreds of people to create Solas Festival and we really appreciate every bit of time that each one of them contributes. If you are able to donate, volunteer, tell people about the festival, or even organise a group to come to the festival then you can make a huge impact on a great weekend.’

Hands-on support

Solas Festival depends on enthusiastic and skilled volunteers. If you feel that you could support us by lending a helping hand, please take a look at our volunteers page.

Financial support

If you share our vision for Solas Festival, you might wish to consider contributing financially, by making a donation, fundraising on our behalf or becoming a Solas Saint. What’s not to like? Why not add a top-up donation when you buy your tickets? If you fill out the Gift Aid declaration, then even good old David and Nick will have to send some money our way. Contact if you think you could help with our fundraising.

Solas Saints

Our community of ‘Saints’ commit to a regular monthly donation to Solas Festival, providing increased stability and vital cash-flow between festivals. As our core supporters, the Saints are at the heart of our community and have a key influence on the future shape and direction of the festival. They also get some jolly perks like free downloads and early updates on the planning process – all for as little as £5 a month…Find out how to become a Solas Saint.