Surge Street Theatre

Scotland’s leading developer of street arts, SURGE, presents a line up of extraordinary and memorable street theatre acts, let loose at Solas.

This year, Surge brings new Scottish and international performers to the festival including  a strange trip through Brit Pop memories, Mayan marionettes and a demonic puppet baby! SURGE runs projects to develop street arts, physical theatre and circus in Scotland. We work with artists, performance companies and educators at all levels of experience.



Presented by Ramblers Teatro

A poetic performance transports viewers playfully into a Pre-Hispanic Mayan world, where people are born from corn and where Jaguar Gods roam the ancient lands of Yucatan.

Through movement, masks, marionettes and music, Ramblers Teatro create dream-like imagery to explore Mayan origins and folklore. The tale follows K'iin, son of the goddess Ixchel, whose life journey takes him through jungles, pueblos and cenotes to realise his destiny and protect his homeland. Born was developed with Surge as part of our Street Theatre Bursary Program for Surge Festival.

Mother's Ruin

Presented by Pigsticks Productions

Baby needs feeding. Baby needs changing. Baby needs to play. Feed Baby if you dare. Mother won’t mind.

The most demonic, obnoxious, mischievous baby is having a day out and he smells trouble brewing. Mother’s Ruin is a giant puppet manifestation of the epitome of mother and child. Serene Mother and demonic Baby will be causing havoc around site. 

Definitely, maybe not Oasis

Presented by Biff and Cooper

Ah! The 90’s! The Union Jacked-up days of Cool Britannia! A time when Britpop - not Brexit - was the nation’s greatest export and ‘strong and stable’ made way for hope.

Is it all a bit of a Blur? Then meet The Gallaghers; the mono-browed lairy laddish embodiment of sticky-pub-floor Britain. Come sing-along as they furiously swagger their way down roads that are a-winding, to a simpler time and the gig of the 20th century. Look Back In Anger? You must be madferrit!