Wild Goose Resource Group

The Wild Goose Resource Group (WGRG) includes resource workers John L. Bell, Jo Love and Graham Maule.

We're all about liturgy and worship, music and song, prayer and politics, diversity and devotion, participation and perception, curiosity and creativity, with a particular emphasis towards the training of the laity. WGRG exists to enable and equip congregations and clergy in the shaping and creation of new forms of contexted and relevant, participative worship…and a few other nefarious activities.



An antidote to the notion that ‘sacred writings’ are a bit untouchable, in this session Jo Love will draw on the great tradition of havruta which asks questions and tears things apart – and from which comes the Scottish word havering! Have a go with this playful, provocative, less-precious approach to a Biblical tale and see what comes of a good haver!



Graham Maule draws on some wandering, drifting practices of the likes of Jesus, medieval pilgrims, the Situationists of the 50s and 60s and CrabMan. An interactive workshop in which we walk and explore the site and its environs, using artistic tactics that tease out unexpected layers, events and narratives, in order to put ourselves and the overlooked into the picture.


Singing, not drifting - a Big Sing

Having been, since the early 80s, amongst the foremost advocates of global song (particularly those from South Africa) in churches and beyond, throughout Scotland and the UK, Wild Goose know a wee bit about songs that have been lifted and borrowed, shifted and flowed between cultures, traditions, times and places. Here they lead one of their characteristic Big Sings, featuring some old and some new communal song that stems the drift into solo consumption.