Wuh OH


Wuh Oh are an electronic production duo comprised of Pete the human and Baboon the baboon, hailing from Glasgow and the jungles of Equatorial Guinea respectively.

Their hook-laced tracks are whacked-out and danceable in equal measure, with the duo making it their aim to have their audience groove to stranger sounds than they ever thought possible. Hyperactive jazz harmony and tricky time signatures earworm their way into the playful bops Baboon spins seamlessly on his handcrafted decks. Simultaneously, Pete puts on a frenetic performance, hammering out piano lines and synth stabs amid a flurry of self-styled dancing.

Aside from earning them copious critical acclaim, Wuh Oh's endeavours have seen them land prized slots on BBC Radio Scotland - playing BBC Introducing sessions for Vic Galloway and on Jazz Nights at the Quay - and endear themselves to festival crowds at TRNSMT and Electric Fields