What's it all about?

Solas Festival - Scotland’s midsummer festival - has been running since 2009. The all-age, weekend-long celebration of music and the arts is designed to entertain, inspire and challenge.

Our programme makes space for challenging debate with activists, writers and thinkers from across the political, cultural and religious spectrum. The festival offers a broad, inclusive, creative and entertaining programme for festival-goers of all ages in a safe environment; everyone is welcome.

Below The Solas Surface

Solas Festival is about placing the arts in a wider context, and we strive to exhibit a commitment to equality, justice, beauty and hospitality throughout the festival. Our aim is to create a space that is tolerant, inclusive and free of prejudice, and for you to have a absolute blast!

We are committed to justice in our global outlook and in the running of the festival. Campaigning organisations work closely with us, and help ensure that issues of social justice and responsibility feature in our programming.

How we work

Solas Festival is keen to keep an open mind and, as such, we are not sole operators but prefer to work with partners. We also encourage artists not only to showcase their own work, but to help bring out the artist in everyone.

The Board, and large volunteer team who work hard to bring you Solas Festival, are as varied and assorted a bunch as the artists we want to work with, and the audience we’re trying to attract; we are women and men; young and old; ideas people and task-driven people; we are believers and non-believers, and we are politically active and politically agnostic.

In addition to our volunteers we currently have two part-time staff members.

Not the other ‘Solas’

Solas Festival would like to reiterate that we are an entirely separate organisation from, and have no links with, “Solas”, the Centre for Public Christianity.

The festival firmly dissociates itself from any views expressed by ‘Solas’ and by its founder Rev. David Robertson.