Making Solas Festival a unique and life-enhancing festival experience for everyone depends on a strong community of volunteers with a passionate commitment to serving others.

Solas Festival has an abundance of volunteering opportunities. You could help with the planning for the next festival. Or you could get involved with organising and running a wide range of programme events and site facilities over the festival weekend.

The more hands-on help, the richer the festival experience for all. So, growing and supporting teams of dedicated volunteers is a top priority.

What we ask for

Enthusiasm, reliability, cooperation, patience and flexibility.

What we offer

Support, appropriate training, new friends and at least one unforgettable weekend.
Solas Festival volunteers are entitled to a free weekend ticket and a pass to the Aftershow Party. But, in return, we’ll ask you to do a shift of stewarding. These positions will usually require an average commitment of 4 hours per day, leaving plenty of time to enjoy some of the festival.

Volunteers must be at least 16 years old, and over 18 for certain roles. Some volunteer positions will require specialist skills and experience, but most will just need lots of enthusiasm, reliability and a willingness to work alongside others.

Key volunteering teams

These are highlighted below, but this list is not exhaustive. We’d like to hear your ideas about how you could help. Simply send us an email outlining when you are available and a bit about your skills, interests or experience. We’ll endeavour to match you to an appropriate role. To apply to be a volunteer please complete our Volunteer Form and email it to

Pre-festival Planning

Administration, Marketing and Communications, Fundraising, Programme, Showcase Events.

Festival Weekend

Site Crew, Stewarding, Festival Reception, Venue Management, Children’s Festival, Access and additional support, Drivers, Event Safety, Festival Shop.